Swimming with whales. . . .  .

Swimming with all species of whales is a great privilege, not a right.
From that respectful perspective, you will have the best encounters possible with the whales in whatever location you chose to join us and our local crew.

Our passionate team have the experience and knowledge of these magnificent animals. Being able to read how comfortable they are and giving them space when they need it, helps to ensure long, safe and fun encounters for our guests and the whales.
Our Tour Leaders as well as our local guides are Certified Whale Guides in Tonga and our experienced skippers in Vava’u and Moorea are locals and are great ocean-lovers, with years with being on and in the water experience around their local islands and highly respected in their local community.
There are special ways to snorkel with whales and we will show you ‘ how’ on Day 1 of your tour.  The key to a good encounter is to stay close to each other and your Guide in the water – ideally each side of him/her. Thats always the best viewing spot and the whales are not spooked by swimmers all around them! Our goal is always, not cause them stress, but be still, to be respectful and follow your guides instructions.
These encounters are very initmate and when we work as a group and we stay close to one another in the water,  long and safe encouters can be experienced. Every encounter is different, and some whales will be much more interactive than others.

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The Humpback Whale Nursery – Vava’u Islands, Tonga

Neiafu is the capital of the Vava’u Island group and is nestled next to the the natural deep water harbour – the Port of Refuge. There is banks with ATM’s, post office, internet cafes, handicrafts stores, cafes, restaurants and bars, a Tongan Visitors Bureau and the local market in Neiafu.
The resorts and hotels in Neiafu and along the harbour-front do not have beaches, you need to stay out on the islands to have a beach and coral reefs for snorkeling.


You will be touched by the beauty of the islands and its people and will leave with memories of floating in warm azure sea with magnificent the gentle giants, brilliant sunsets reflected in calm lagoons, the sound of beautiful singing in village churches drifting across the water each morning as the sun pops over the horizon.


The Humpback Whale Nursery – Moorea, Tahiti French Polynesia












A glimpse at how to watch humpback whales underwater: Doug Allan’s amazing whale encounters in Tonga while filming for the incredible BBC ‘Blue Planet’ series.