Book a Tour

How to book your tour

WhaleSwim Adventures has an easy online booking system  just click this link BOOK YOUR TOUR  to make your tour booking!!

You will initially be asked to set-up a Login and Password – this allows you to Login to your booking anytime to add information that you may not have when you first book.

We ask you for you for:

  • contact details
  • how many people travelling together
  • Date of Birth & passport # and expiry date
  • Add extra accommodation required before or after your tour
  • Your flight details (so we can be there to meet you and arrange transfers)
  • your snorkelling/swimming ability
  • health/medical information (so we can assist you if you have special needs)
  • You are required to sign a Liability Waiver (this is compulsory for all activities on boats/water in Tonga i.e. scuba diving, kayaking tours, whale-swimming etc.) Download and print/complete scan and email – or post via Snail Mail.
  • Make sure you tick/check the box for each guest on the Aqua Abilities page – at the paragraph beginning:”PRINT, SIGN THE FORM AND TICK HERE: ( ) I have printed and signed the liability waiver, it is being posted and will arrive within 14 days.THEN type in ‘accept’ at the bottom – for each guests – otherwise your tour booking will not confirm at the end.
  • Dietary Requirements
  • Choice of bring your own wetsuit or hiring or purchasing a WhaleSwim Neoprene vest.
  • the last page is the Summary page – check to make sure you have entered all information correctly  – if there is TEXT hi-lighted in RED – you need to go back to Aqua Abilities page and complete it – and finally click Confirm  EASY!!!

You will receive an auto-invoice within 1 minute of confirming your booking, stating the dates for deposit and final payment for your tour. Payment must be made within 14 days.

We look forward to sharing the amazing and unforgettable humpback whales experience with you!!