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Travel Agents . . . . Thank you for contacting us

WhaleSwim Adventures is an inbound tour operator that has been taking people to swim with humpback whales for 16 years now and that experience enables us to offer the very best tours available in Vava’u, Tonga and now in Moorea, Tahiti.

We provide a very personalised service and clients often have a lot of questions about embarking on an adventure such as this that you will need to call on us to answer. We have found it best that our guests can talk to someone who has experienced our amazing encounters with humpback whales and who knows Tonga and Tahiti and the culture and challenges intimately, so that all questions can be answered fully before they arrive. This communication also helps us to build a relationship with them prior to their arrival at their whale-swimming destination and is a part of ensuring a successful tour.


We offer travel agents a 5% commission fee on tours where the client made the first approach to us and then asked the agent to book the tour with us or a 7% referral fee where the travel agent has sold the WhaleSwim tour to the client and is handling the booking.

We do not pay commission on extra accommodation booked with WhaleSwim Adventures or on discounted tour packages.

If your client would like to book through your agency and pay you directly, you can book them via our online booking system – see info below.

Our booking system has a Login and Password and a direct emailing facility. You or your client can access their booking at any time to update information required such as new passport numbers, flight details etc, and to send inquiries.

It is important to note that, while we will address our booking communications to you as the agent,  the booking must be made in the clients name, so please complete the booking with the client’s name and address and YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. We will deduct the 5% commission from the amount owing on the booking.

Please note too that as part of the booking process, there is a legal document (the Liability Waiver) that needs to be printed off, completed by the client and posted to our office in NZ.

To book a tour:

Go to

Please read the information provided as it helps make your booking process easier – then click the blue Book Your Tour icon at the top of the left column. . . . enter details and set up a log in and password. This allows you to go into your booking at any time and add information.

Please liaise with your clients to ensure that they tick all the boxes on the Aqua Abilities page – especially the last line in the Liability Waiver section that says X PRINT, SIGN THE FORM AND TICK HERE: I have printed and signed the liability waiver, it is being posted and will arrive within 14 days.’ If you miss this step your booking won’t confirm at the end.

Then type ACCEPT at the bottom and continue.

Once you got to the last page and clicked on ‘Confirm the tour‘ at the end you will receive an email/invoice from us with all details of your booking and the payment options.

With thanks

Rae Gill