Tonga Humpback Tours 2018

Join us to swim with Whales in Vava’u, Tonga in 2018!

We offer personally-escorted, all inclusive, small group ‘snorkelling with whales’ eco-tours tours, with longer days and more time in the water for you – there are NO hidden costs.
Our tours include 7 or 9 nights at beautiful, beach-side, luxury Glam-Tents (with timber floors & full ensuite bathrooms) or boutique-style accommodation, with friendly and welcoming hosts, delicious food, snorkelling on reefs and in caves, and definitely lots of fun! We also include airport transfers in Vava’u.
We have been operating our swim with whales tours in Vava’u, Tonga for 18 years and our dedicated and passionate crew know how to take care of every detail of your time with us, therefore offering a humpback whale experience your will never, ever forget!

Join us in Vava’u! We want to share this amazing WhaleSwim Adventure with you!

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT operate day-trips!

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2018: ‘Whales in Paradise’ Tours | 9-nights & 7 days on the water with the whales

Tour #9018A        2 – 11 August 2018              Spaces available:  4
Tour #9018B        21 – 30 Aug 2018                Spaces available:  2

2018 Prices per person:

Double/Twin GlamTent/Beachside room with ensuite: AUD$5,700
Double/Twin GlamTent/Deluxe Beach-side room with ensuite AUD$5,780
Single GlamTent/Beachside room with ensuite:  AUD$6,730
Single GlamTent/Deluxe Beachside room with ensuite:  AUD$6,860
Triple: Glam-tent (Queen+sgle bed) Apartment 1 Queen + 2 sgles):  AUD$5,500
Triple: Glam-tent (Queen+sgle bed) Deluxe Beachside (1 Queen + 2 sgles):  AUD$5,490

Tour #9019A        1 – 10 August 2019              Spaces available:  8
Tour #9019B        10 – 19 Sept 2019                Spaces available:  8

2019 Prices per person:

9019A: Double/Twin GlamTent/Deluxe Beachside room with ensuite: AUD$6,060
9019B: Double/Twin GlamTent/Beach-side room with ensuite AUD$5,975
9019A: Single GlamTent/Deluxe Beachside room with ensuite:  AUD$6,860
9019B: Single GlamTent/Beachside room with ensuite:  AUD$6,730
9019A: Triple: Glam-tent (Queen+sgle bed) Deluxe Beachside (1 Queen + 2 sgles):  AUD$5,780

Click Here for: Tour # 9018/9019 'Whales in Paradise': Tour Inclusions & Itinerary

2018 ‘SUPER Encounters with Gentle Giants | 9-nights & 7 days on the water with the whales

Tour #8018A       11 – 20 September 2018    Spaces available:  3

Double Luxury Glam-Tent: King bed  AUD$4,900         Twin Luxury Glam-Tent: 2 x King-single beds  AUD$4,900
Single Luxury Glam-Tent:   King bed  AUD$5,780        Triple Luxury Glam-Tent: 1 x King bed & 1 x king-single bed AUD$4,780

Click Here for Tour # 8018 'SUPER Encounters with Gentle Giants': Tour Inclusions & Itinerary

 2018: ‘Encounters with Gentle Giants | 7-nights & 5 days on the water with the whales

2018 Prices per person:

Double Room: King or Queen bed  AUD$4,700                 Twin Room: 2 x large single beds  AUD$4,700
Single Room:   King or Queen bed  AUD$5,390     Triple Room: Large room with 1 x Queen + 1 single bed AUD$4,600

Tour #1048A            25 July – 1 August 2018                  Spaces available: 1
Tour #1048B            14 – 21 August 2018                       Spaces available: 4
Tour #1048C            30 Aug – 6 Sept 2018                     FULLY BOOKED
Tour #1048D            28 Sept – 3 Oct 2018                      Spaces available: 4

2019 Prices per person:

Double Room: King or Queen bed  AUD$4,700        Twin Room: 2 x large single beds  AUD$4,700
Single Room:   King or Queen bed  AUD$5,390        Triple Room: Large room with 1 x Queen + 1 single bed AUD$4,600

Tour #1049A            25 July – 1 August 2019                  Spaces available: 8
Tour #1049B            13 – 20 August 2019                       Spaces available: 8
Tour #1048C            29 Aug – 5 Sept 2019                      Spaces available: 8

Click Here for Tour # 1048/1049 'Encounters with Gentle Giants': Tour Inclusions & Itinerary

2018: ‘Humpback Heaven’ Tours | 7-nights & 5 days on the water with the whales

Tour #7018A         14 – 21 July 2018                   Spaces available: FULLY BOOKED

Prices per person:

Dble/Twin: Beachside room with ensuite: AUD$5,030  Single: Beachside room with ensuite: AUD$5,680
Dble/Twin: Deluxe Beachside room with ensuite: AUD$5,160  Single: Deluxe Beachside room with ensuite: AUD$6,090
Triple: Apartment 2 bedroom AUD$4,850

2019: ‘Humpback Heaven’ Tours | 7-nights & 5 days on the water with the whales

Tour #7019A         13 – 20 July 2019                     Spaces available: 8
Tour #7019B         13 – 20 August 2019               Spaces available: 8
Tour #7019C         25 Sept – 2 October 2019       Spaces available: 8

Prices per person:

Dble/Twin: Deluxe Beachside room with ensuite: AUD$5,160  Single: Deluxe Beachside room with ensuite: AUD$6,090
Triple: Apartment 2 bedroom AUD$5,170

Click Here for Tour # 7018/7019 'Humpback Heaven': Tour Inclusions & Itinerary

Your Tour Leader

Annah Evington

Annah is a valued, long time member of the WhaleSwim team.  She is passionate about sharing her deep love of all things ocean and Pacific with you.
Annah joined us as a guest in Tonga in 2001 and her first experience in the water with a female humpback and her calf was so profound, that it changed her life forever.
Annah joined our team in 2002 as a Tour Guide until 2007, when she took a break and we welcomed her back into the team in 2015!
Annah is our Tour Manager in Tonga. She is a Qualified/Certified WhaleSwim Guide and will be right there for your in-the-water experiences!

About our Tours –

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Your Accommodation

Tongan Beach Resort

Tongan Beach Resort spans 180 meters of beachfront with all 12 guest rooms enjoying views of the golden sand beach and crystal clear turquoise waters of the Port of Refuge Harbour and on some days the humpbacks are seen frolicking in the beautiful clear waters in from of the resort. Our boat picks you up at the jetty each morning and heads out to the whale mursery.

The resort is nestled on the beachfront of the island of ‘Utungake. There is safe swimming at all tides. There is a fully licensed restaurant with great food, in addition to our Sandpit Bar (that serves excellent cocktails as well as an extensive variety of wine and spirits.

There is a large library, a beach towel service, and a water taxi service to Neiafu and back. Just a 15 min drive to the main town and several great restaurants and cafes overlooking the beautiful harbour to experience  a fresh lobster, delicious Italian or Asian food, watch an international rugby during your meal and other interesting night-life events in Vava’u.

All rooms have top quality beds and 100% cotton bedding and towels and are only meters away from the water’s edge.  The rooms are fitted with electric ceiling fans with open entrances allowing for a natural sea breeze if desired. Each room has its own covered decked balcony with table and chairs to relax and watch the sun set.
Their experienced staff are very friendly and will make your time at the resort an easy and fun experience.




Vava’u Villa Hotel, Bar & Restaurant

Your hosts Ian and Vanessa Jones are fun people and have created an amazing adjoining business with sustainability in mind with their coconut & vanilla production. Along with their team, they will make you very welcome and make sure your stay with them is as memorable as your encounters with the whales!

The rooms in the villa are light and airy with a distinctively Tongan motif and comfortable beds provide you with a quiet and relaxing refuge. The sheets are made from 100% high quality linen fabric and you have a choice of pillows for extreme comfort.  Personal Wifi is available in your room.

The beautiful Glamping Tents have full en-suite bathrooms and will have timber floors before July 2017. It is a unique glam-camping experience – with all the comforts of a standard hotel room, but in a tent. Temperatures July – October are typically 19C – 22C at night and 24C – 26C during the day.

Vava’u Villa and Glam-Tent Hotel sits amidst a tropical paradise with cool ocean breezes and a cozy home away from home atmosphere. It is the very best place to rest your mind and soul.

Vanessa is a foodie and her food is fresh and delicious (much of it from her on-site organic vegetable garden!) and full of local and international flavours.

You will enjoy the friendly bar too. They make excellent cocktails and have a good range of local and international beer as well as spirits and liqueurs.
They have an outdoor fire in the bar, perfect place to enjoy a drink and a chat on the cooler evenings. You will get to meet some of the locals here too.



A glimpse at how to watch humpback whales underwater: Doug Allan’s amazing whale encounters in Tonga
while filming for the incredible BBC ‘Blue Planet’ series.