2017 Short-Stay Humpback Tours & Charters

Join us to swim with Humpback Whales in Vava’u, Tonga!


Short of time? Just want a few days out with the whales and perhaps 1 or 2 days to do some diving or relaxing?

Available on specific dates in August & September only.

Some Day Trips available too!


SPECIAL Short-Stay Packages!

These Short-Stay (No Frills) packages are based at the wonderful Vava’u Villa Hotel & Bar – a  boutique-style accommodation with continental breakfast, friendly and welcoming hosts, delicious food and definitely lots of fun!

Your days out on the licensed whaleswim boat with the whales with an experienced skipper and certified Guide, include a delicious lunch and opportunities to snorkel beautiful coral reefs & adventure into huge limestone caves.  We also include jetty and airport transfers in Vava’u.

1. Sunday is a compulsory ‘rest day’ in Tonga. No activities are permitted and there are no flights in or out of Tonga on Sunday.
2. Unlike our 7, 8 & 9-night tours, these Short-Stay (no Frills) packages are not personally-escorted and do not include all the wonderful ‘extras’ usually provided in our longer more personal and privately-chartered tours.

Dates & Prices – just click the Tour # for information

Tour # 1: 1 - 5 August - 4 nights accommodation & 3 days out with the whales!

Tour # 2: 4 - 8 August - - 4 nights accommodation & 2 days out with the whales (Sunday at leisure)

Tour # 3: 8 - 12 August - 4 nights accommodation & 3 days out with the whales!

Tour # 4: 9 - 13 August - 4 nights accommodation & 3 days out with the whales!


Tour # 7 27 - 30 August - 3 nights accommodation & 2 days out with the whales!

Tour # 8: 5 - 8 September - 3 nights accommodation & 2 days out with the whales!

Full Boat Charter Packages are also available for the above dates.

If you have 4 + friends wanting to charter your own licensed whaleswim boat with same accommodation during August and early Sept – please contact us for prices eMail

Limited Day Trip days available:

AUD$300 per person per day – Book Now!
August 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 28, 29
September 7, 14

Tonga Information:

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Getting to Vava'u, Tonga

Accommodation in Tongatapu (the main island of Tonga)

Accommodation in the Vava'u Islands

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Your days in Vava'u & on the water

Your Accommodation

Vava’u Villa & Glam-Tent Hotel

Your hosts Ian and Vanessa Jones are fun people and have created an amazing adjoining business with sustainability in mind with their coconut & vanilla production. Along with their team, they will make you very welcome and make sure your stay with them is as memorable as your encounters with the whales!

The rooms in the villa are light and airy with a distinctively Tongan motif and comfortable beds provide you with a quiet and relaxing refuge. The sheets are made from 100% high quality linen fabric and you have a choice of pillows for extreme comfort.  Personal Wifi is available in your room.

Vanessa is a foodie and her food is fresh and delicious (much of it from her on-site organic vegetable garden!) and full of local and international flavours.

You will enjoy the friendly bar too. They make excellent cocktails and have a good range of local and international beer as well as spirits and liqueurs.  They have an outdoor fire in the bar, perfect place to enjoy a drink and a chat on the cooler evenings. You will get to meet some of the locals here too!

The beautiful Glamping Tents have full en-suite bathrooms and will have timber floors before July 2017. It is a unique glam-camping experience – with all the comforts of a standard hotel room, but in a tent. Temperatures July – October are typically 19C – 22C at night and 24C – 26C during the day.

Vava’u Villa and Glam-Tent Hotel sits amidst a tropical paradise with cool ocean breezes and a cozy home away from home atmosphere. It is the very best place to rest your mind and soul.





Rooms in the Villa with ensuite bathrooms


A glimpse at how to watch humpback whales underwater: Doug Allan’s amazing whale encounters in Tonga
while filming for the incredible BBC ‘Blue Planet’ series.