Magical Humpbacks in Tahiti

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Departure Dates:

2017: 8 days/9 nights & 8 x 1/2 days on the water (Prices below)
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#FP917A     19 – 28 August          (Spaces left: 6)
#FP917B     30 August – 8 Sept    (Spaces left: 5)
#FP917C     17 – 26 September    (Spaces left: 2)
#FP917D     5 – 14 October           (Spaces left: 6)
#FP917E    14- 23 October           (Spaces left: tentative group booking pending)

6 days/7 nights & 6 x 1/2 days on the water (Prices below)
#FP717A    8 – 16 Sept                (Spaces left: 4)
#FP717B    27 Sept – 4 Oct         (Spaces left: 5)
#FP717C    23 – 30 October        (Spaces left: 2)

Prices: per person
#FP 917 8 days/9 nights: 
2 people share bungalow: Superior Lagoon: AUD$6,500     Lagoon-view: AUD$5,895 Garden-view: AUD$5,695
Single Occupancy Bungalow: Superior Lagoon: AUD$7,995      Lagoon-view: AUD$6,950 Garden-view: AUD$6,680

FP 717 6 days/7 nights:
2 people share bungalow: Superior Lagoon: AUD$5,600     Lagoon-view: AUD$5,190 Garden-view: AUD$5,050
Single Occupancy Bungalow: Superior Lagoon: AUD$6,895      Lagoon-view: AUD$5,975 Garden-view: AUD$5,750

A South Pacific Island Dream!! Its just like the postcards and you get to swim with humpback whales, enjoy French Polynesian food, experience the culture and there’s time for other activities and adventures too!

Through the season, groups of boisterous males are seen marauding around the islands, flighting for the top-spot in the ‘gang’, searching out the females ready to mate. The beautiful haunting song can be heard throughout the whale nursery and when we drop you in the water above the singer, you will hear it in stereo sound and feel its vibration throughout your body! The gentle female giants of the sea give birth in the sheltered tropical waters of French Polynesia to ensure the safety of their new born calves. You will be witness to the bond between mother and calf and the unique behaviour that can only be experience by observing these amazing creatures in their natural environment. Your day is filled with excitement and admiration.

This ‘Magical Humpbacks in Tahiti’ tour is very special as you will spend 7 or 9 nights on the beautiful island of Moorea – just 15 kms from the main island of Tahiti, where the pace of life is slow and relaxed and the beauty of the island is captivating. The sparkling turquoise lagoons, the extraordinary mountains and the beauty and grace of the local Tahitians – all weave their magic on all that stay there. You will not want to leave!

The islands of French Polynesia has always been a breeding ground for South Pacific humpback whales from early August – early November every year and swimming with them has been a one of the many wonderful (and intimate) experiences over the past 16 years on Moorea. (Please note: The humpbacks are around the island of Moorea, mid-August – to early November in numbers, at a later time than in Tonga.)

Our Tahitian eco-operator/skipper and our guide, Mairie Temau’u has been taking whale-lovers to swim with the humpbacks since 1999 and is committed to their protection and for all his guests to experience these incredible and majestic gentle giants of the sea. He is a  environmentalist too!  Maire’s brother Tere’e, is his crew and skippers the boat while Maire is guiding us around the whales.
On ocassion, Dr. Olivier Betremieux is a well-known wildlife photographer and vet in Tahiti, will be aboard, photographing the humpbacks around Moorea.

Your Tour Leaders, Magenta Hyde and Rae Gill will be at Hotel Hibiscus to greet you for the Welcome dinner on the first night of your tour.  Magenta will be aboard Cata Manu each day to assist you and to film you with the whales and with anything you may require during your time with us. Magenta has worked with Rae in Tonga over several seasons as under-water videographer and guide and her passion for cetaceans and all marine life is very infectious and she is lots of fun too!

Our whale-swimming vessel “Cata Manu” is a 30′ catamaran with 2-x-225hp 4-stroke outboards – its fast and quiet! Lots of room for 8 people plus crew and good protection from the sun and easy entry and exit from the water. We will have plenty of  fresh tropical fruit (whatever is in season) aboard to snack on each day! Some days, there may be an opportunity to swim with Black Tip reef sharks & rays or hang-out with the large pod of Spinner dolphins and congregate in the lagoon near to Haapiti. The water is a beautiful 25C – 27C during the whale season.

Maire (pronounced ‘my-ray’) and Tere’e will pick us up Cata Manu picks up up from the beach at Hotel Hibiscus each day for our daily 4 – 5 hours out with the whales – some days it will be 7.30am and other days 1.00pm. This allows you plenty of time to experience other activities on the island!  The whales can be “just over the reef” which means more time with the whales – especially if they are friendly and inquisitive!

Your accommodation for the 9 nights is at the Hotel Hibiscus, in the Haapiti area, on the north-western end of the beautiful island of Moorea. The traditionally thatched fare’s (houses) are beautifully hand-crafted with en-suite bathrooms, ceiling fans, kitchenette, outdoor verandah with table & chairs. There is a salt-water pool too! Their restaurant/bar ‘Le Sunset’ is right on the beach, a perfect place to watch the sunset with a beer, a glass of French wine or a yummy cocktail!

We offer three types for fares – Superior Lagoon View, Lagoon View and Garden View. If you want a Fare for three people, we are happy to email a price to you. The food! The buffet breakfast is served every morning at the Le Sunset on the beach, with a variety of fresh tropical fruit, breads, croissants, cheeses, eggs and meats, juices, coffee and tea.
The restaurant and bar is open for lunch and dinner each day.  They cater for all tastes and has a huge menu which includes the local French, Italian and Tahitian dishes and exquisite French desserts!

Both tours include breakfast each day and 7 night tour icludes 4 evening meals/9 night tours include 5 evening meals at the Hotel Hibiscus and both tours include 2 lunches out at our favourite cafes, Snack Mahana and Coco Beach Cafe.

Here are just some of the things you can do! A 1/2-day beauty treatment spa, a pampering massage or Reiki treatment at the Moorea Intercontinental Resort, just down the road,  Go kayaking or canoeing in the lagoon (canoes & kayaks available at the hotel – surf boards too!), scuba dive, rent a bike, scooter or car and check out the island or if you are into walking, go up to the Belvedere Lookout and watch the sunset or relax on the beach with a book.
The reef off Haapiti is known for its long surf break, so if you are an experienced surfer, there is an opportunity to go for a surf!
For the gals – there are some great shopping for beautifully designed and printed parea’s (sarongs), local fragrant flower body oils and perfumes, tahitian artefacts, beautiful designers clothing and jewellery and the Tahitian Black pearls! You can also get a traditional Tahitian tattoo!

2017:  Not included in your tour: International airfares, domestic airfares or ferry tickets, airport/ferry transfers in Papeete, travel insurance, 6 or 5 lunches, 4  or 3 evening meals, all alcholic or alcholic beverages and transfers to and from Ferry terminal/airport or other accommodation in Moorea.

O-B copyright_logo_100Some images of whales underwater and topside are copyright to Dr. Olivier Betremieux of O-B Whale Pictures, other underwater images are copyrighted to Magenta Hyde of Magenta Hyde Photography – our Guide & Underwater Photographer on our tours. Click here

8 days/9 nights & 6 days/ 7 nights
Includes:7 nights & 9 nights accommodation, 6 x 1/2 days & 8 x 1/2 days on the water with the whales
Group: 8 guests
Accommodation:7 or 9 nights at Hotel Hibiscus on Moorea
Boat: 'Cata Manu' 30' catamaran with 2-x-225hp 4-stroke outboards - its fast and quiet! Perfect for 8 guests and crew.
Team/Crew: Skipper & Guide: Maire Temau'u, Skipper: Tere'e Temau'u, Tour Leaders: Magenta Hyde (under-water videographer) & Rae Gill
Tour includes: 7 or 9 nights accommodation in traditional fares at Hotel Hibsicus with breakfast & 5 evening meals, 2 lunches, 8 x ½-day (4 – 5 hours) boat trips with the whales on Cat Manu, education & guidance in the water and 8 x ½-days at leisure.
Cost: 2017: 7-nights/6-days
Double/Twin Share Bungalow: Garden-View: AUD$5,050 Lagoon-View: AUD$5,190 Superior Lagoon-View: AUD$5,600
Single Bungalow: Garden-View: AUD$5,750 Lagoon-view: AUD$5,975 Superior Lagoon-View: AUD$6,895

Double/Twin Share Bungalow: Garden-View: AUD$5,695 Lagoon-View: AUD$5,895 Superior Lagoon-View: AUD$6,500
Single Bungalow:
Garden-View: AUD$6,680 Lagoon-view: AUS$6,950 Superior Lagoon-View: AUD$7,995
Deposit:AUD$2,000 per person

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