1063A_0051_barbara“The perfect trip and an amazing group of fellow guests. Amy and Matt were outstanding. Magenta is a gifted photographer and great companion. There aren’t words for those whale-whisperers, Kava and Lo.
The trip was perfection and my review should be posting soon on Trip Advisor. Loved both Reef and Tongan Beach Resort. The staff took us to their hearts and we, them, into ours.
I always felt safe even with the addition of sea snakes and a rigorously tossing boat.
Then there were the whales! I’ve been looking for an image that captures my experience. Possibly it is this: If amber were blue and striated with sunlight i had a moment with a mother and her calf in which we swim together silently and peacefully forever.
Our luck with the whales, the rays and the dolphins was unbelievable. They came to us, manifesting our dreams. I can’t believe how many drops we had all with astonishing whale activity. We were such a cohesive group, though of such varied backgrounds, that we were cheering for each other to have astonishing experiences. Good, good people. Amy believes the whales picked up this energy and responded. We were all whale-whisperers! And they heard us.

Have just watched Magenta’s CDs . How extraordinary! And powerful!

You have enabled us to participate in your love of the whales. You’ve made dreams come true. Thank you.”
Barbara, USA 2013


kathynikas2_2013“The Best Experience of my Life!!
I joined a whale swim tour in August last year and it was an absolutely soul changing experience. We were so lucky with the weather and the whales, not to mention the 50 or so dolphins, turtles and the sneaky sea snake! Amy and Matt were very welcoming and we found them very easy to get along with and attentive to each individual, they went out of their way to look after people whom were not so confident in the water as did all of our group. We really had a very good group of people on board! Magenta was like an old lost friend that I had known since childhood and Lo and Kava are such fantastic laid back guy’s, together they make an awesome team when it comes to spotting whales, understanding their behavior and I really admired how if they advised Amy and Matt that a particular whale seemed uncomfortable by our presence, Amy and Matt would take that advice and we would simply move on. This showed that above all else the whales well being is paramount, total respect!! On the last night of our tour we all spoke about our favourite moment from the tour, mine was and still is that there was no jealousy over who got the better swims or anything like that, everyone in our group was excited to share their experience and Amy and Matt followed a group sequence that was fair and just down to the luck of draw, it didn’t matter anyway, judging by all the happy faces on the boat.
I came across some people whom had difficulty in Tonga, however it appeared to me these difficulties were due to their own exaggerated expectations of an impoverished country and people (including the expats) that live a very different lifestyle from their own.
Anyone considering joining whale swim, which I strongly recommend, my only advise would be that if you find it difficult to really relax and slide into “Tonga time” you may find it difficult there, but honestly who couldn’t relax in place like Tonga and fall into step with the slow pace. Also be prepared to spend a lot of time on the water, the whales don’t just turn up because you have, show them and the beautiful environment the respect it deserves and sit back and really take it all in, it truly is a wonderful place, made all the better by some lovely, down to earth people that I now call friends.”
Kathy N, WA Australia –  August 2013 (from Trip Advisor)


annettePayne_1043AHi Rae
I had to write to you to let you know that our whaleswim tour was amazing. The crew of the Kepa II and the Makaira were wonderful, professional and friendly. They did a great job getting to the whales and getting us in the water. And of course Amy and Matt were fantastic, we couldnt have had better people looking after us. I still havent come down to earth yet and Greg and I are driving people crazy talking about the whales. Whaleswim is the best.
Hope all is well with you and Po
Annette Payne Australia (July 2013)

margaretThomson_1043A“A Wonderful Experience”
We travelled in July to swim with the whales. It took 50 hours to reach Tonga from Scotland! It was worth the time and it was worth the cost. We were privileged to have amazing, daily experiences with the whales lead by our wonderful guides, Matt and Amy. We could not recommend this experience highly enough. Thank you Whaleswim”
Margaret T, Scotland – July 2013 (from Trip Advisor)
(Margaret, hope you don’t mind me publishing this photo – I love it!  Your expression truly shows your experience – it is classic! )

Pat_lyn_Millar1063A“This Should be on Everyones Bucket List!
It is extremely tempting to keep this experience a secret, known only to a lucky few, but that would be very selfish of me. It goes without saying that having the privilege of taking a peek into the lives of the beautiful whales is a mindblowing thing to do. What does need saying is that none of this would have been possible without the professionally executed plans put in place by Whale Swim Adventures. We were met at the airport by Amy, taken to Port Wine Guest House for our first night, met the group at a pre-arranged restaurant for a welcome get-together lunch the next day, transported again by Amy to Tongan Beach Resort. Picked up by the boat at the resorts jetty on time each day for 7 days. Provided with a fabulous lunch on board. Nothing was too much trouble for Amy and Matt and the Tongan crew of the whale swim boat. The local knowledge and guidance was invaluable in ensuring the best possible experience on and in the water, we were lucky and swam with whales each day but we also swam with manta rays and dolphins, snorkelled in coral reefs and caves, lunched on a deserted island paradise. At the end of our holiday Matt and Amy transported us back to the airport, not leaving us until we were safely checked-in for our flight. Kava and Lo (Tongan boat crew) and Matt and Amy, are all an absolute asset to Whale Swim Adventures, they made our holiday the amazing adventure that will stay in our memories for ever. Thank you.
Pat & Lynda, Adelaide, Australia – August 2013 (From Trip Advisor) 

Jude Ritchie2013“WhaleSwim Magical”
I was lucky enough to go on the last tour for the season and by far it reached my expectations and MORE !!!! Lets start with the amazing crew Matt Amy Magenta ,not to forget Skipper Kava And Aqua man Lo ,Amazing Amazing thank u for all your professionalism and sincerity the way they conducted thereselves…To Rae you are blessed to have such amazing crew ..That just reflects back on you to be so passionate about these majestic mammals.. Also Po you were such a gorgeous young women and Im sure you will be just as passionate about Whaleswim as your mother..The service that whaleswim offers is unique… Personal and profeesional Thank you for the experience , SOUL TOUCHING….
Jude R, Sydney, Australia – Sept/October 2013 (From Trip Advisor)


Deborah Tolton“Magical!”
I have been twice once in 2004 and again in 2010! I will make it a third time as well real soon. This has to be the best adventure that I have ever been on. And like the title for my review it is truly magical, being in the water with these majestic whales will never compare to anything else. Rae is awesome,the water is just beautiful all my accommodations were great and not only do you get to swim with humpback whales you also meet new friends from all over the world. You can also snorkle cuz the water is so clear, go diving which I did in a cave to see sleeping sharks! (awesome) also swimming one day and heard the whales singing, yes singing! Just brings a smile to your face. The people are lovely and I will make it back for a third time and if I am lucky a fourth and fifth….I still keep in touch with people I have met and of course with Rae, who might I say always manages to have the best crew ever! And our whale whisperer Kam never lets us down, he was there in 2004 and again in 2010. (Kam -Skipper) If you are searching for that magical and truly awesome adventure,this is it!”
Deborah T New York, USA

jim_mcclary1“Hello to all my new friends,
First let me say how much I appreciated getting to know each of you. You each had a profound effect on my life and gave me a whole new perspective on life. You each helped me in some way to get over the difficulties of the previous 5 years and become stronger physically and emotionally. With you I found out I can lead an active life and enjoy life instead of just vegetating. So, may each of you accept my sincere thanks.
Because of the growth you aided in I decided to sell my home and begin traveling instead of moving into an assisted living facility.
I signed the papers to sell my home on January 4th so in approximately 30 days I will be off. I had originally planned to start my odyssey in Baja but I am now undecided. I may go the Florida for a while first. No matter where I go thoughts of you all will go with me.”
Jim McClary – USA