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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Booking with WhaleSwim Adventures

1. Online ‘Book your Tour’ reservations will be held for 14 days. The non-refundable deposit of AUD$2,000 for 8 & 9 night tours as well  7 & 9 night tours in Tonga & Tahiti and $1500 for 7 night ‘Encounters with Gentle Giants’ tours in Tonga. Your deposit is required for all our tours within 14 days to confirm a reservation.

2. Payment (Australian Dollars only) in full is required 70 days prior to your WhaleSwim Adventure for Tonga & Tahiti tours and for Sri Lanka tours, USD only in full and is non-refundable.

3. Re-scheduling and substitution of guests is permitted with approval of WhaleSwim Adventures.

4. A Liability Waiver must be signed by each guest & returned to our office within 14 days of booking your WhaleSwim Adventure tour.

5. Travel Insurance – which includes Trip, Airfare Cancellation and Accident – is mandatory. Otherwise a No Liability Insurance Waiver must be signed.

6. All rates and conditions are subject to change.

7. If payments are not received at the designated times, WhaleSwim Adventures, reserves the right to sell those spaces in question with forfeiture of all monies to date.

8. The booking is binding and all payments are non-refundable.

9. Prices may change due to;
* currency fluctuations, even after payment is made in full, clients will have to pay the additional cost.
* schedule or content changes
* circumstances beyond the control of WhaleSwim Adventures

10. These are ecological holidays, WhaleSwim Adventures reserves the right to ask any participants to leave the group should he/she behave in a way that is insensitive to the whales, the environment, local people, our staff, crew or other group members or continually not follow the WhaleSwim Guides directions in the water with the whales. WhaleSwim Adventures staff and management also reserve the right to move those guests to other accommodation at the guests expense. No refund will be given.

11. If the WhaleSwim Group Leader and/or the licensed whale-watching guide is not satisfied with your fitness, agility and snorkelling ability, they have the right to refuse you entry to the water with the whales as your lack of ability may endanger your life and the lives of others.

12. Smoking is NOT permitted on our whale-swim vessels.

13. Should bad weather prevent our whale watching vessel to go out on a ‘whale watching’ day, no refunds or extra day whale watching will be offered by WhaleSwim Adventures.

14. Children/teenagers under 18 years old are not accepted on our tours.

15. If the minimum bookings of 6 people on our 8-person tours and 8 people on our 10-person tours is not reached 8 weeks prior to departure of each expedition, then WhaleSwim has the right to cancel the expedition and refund any monies paid to them or transfer guests to another expedition. Any airfares booked and paid for by the guest should be covered by their travel insurance.

16. WhaleSwim tours can only be ‘referred’ through travel agents, they can only be booked directly with WhaleSwim Adventures.