Welcome to WhaleSwim Adventures!

Our personally-escorted eco-tours are unique!

Our passionate whale-whispering crew, our commitment to having minimal impact on the Blue & Sperm whales in Sri Lanka and Humpback whales in Tahiti & Tonga, conservation of other marine life and their environment and most of all, our total commitment to making your holiday with us the best moment-by-moment experience you have ever had, has put our eco-tours #1 choice for discerning wildlife adventurers around the world for 17 years!

A glimpse at how to watch humpback whales underwater: Doug Allan’s amazing whale encounters in Tonga while filming for the incredible BBC ‘Blue Planet’ series.  

Our Eco-Tours are in Vava’u Islands Tonga, Moorea, Tahiti and our new location – Sri Lanka in 2018 

Every year since 1999, we have successfully operated, ‘swim with humpback whales’ eco–packaged tours in the beautiful untouched islands of Vava’u Tonga, and more recently in Moorea, Tahiti, where the South Pacific humpback whales reside during their breeding season from July – November each year.
Tahiti has had a swim-with-whales industry for 18 years now and as its just one of the many tourism attractions, its not a well-known location, unlike Tonga, where its the main tourist attraction. We swim with the same amount of humpback whales over the 7 or 8 days in Tahiti as in Tonga, its just the location that is different!
Our new ‘Swim with Blue & Sperm Whales in Sri Lanka’ eco-tours begin in 2018 – Click Sri Lanka Tours in the menu above! Tour dates still to be confirmed!

All of our personally-escorted tours focus on small group whale encounters for intimate, yet exhilarating experiences that will stay with you for many years to come! Like many who have joined us, you will be back for more in the different locations around the world!

(Our specially designed all inclusive, packaged eco-tours are NOT comparable with day-trip/tours anywhere in Tonga, Sri Lanka or in French Polynesia.)

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT operate day tours.


 Swim with Blue Whales in Sri Lanka  (November 2018)

Swim with Sperm Whales in Sri Lanka (November – April)


Swim with Humpback Whales in Moorea, Tahiti (August – November) & Vava’u, Tonga (July – October)