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Why choose use?

Choosing the right tour operator to accomplish a dream of a lifetime can be tricky. 

In WhaleSwim Adventures, we pride ourselves from our 24 years+ happy customers. We focus on you, on realising the dream of your life in the safest way and most respectable way for the whales. 

Taking care of the environment is also one of our priority and we are proud to take actions in whale conservation programs as well as reducing plastic consumption. 


By choosing us,

you will choose a trip where we want our guests to feel like family.

You are choosing a tour that acts for the conservation of those magnificient animals and the planet.

Because we care.

Because it's worth it.



Using our knowledge on how to approach the whales, partnering with NGOs for whale identification, using re-usable items... We support nature and our whales the best way we can. ​


Away from the crowds

Whale ID Research

Local Partnerships

Our eco-tours take place only in certain areas of our oceans (away from commercial tourism), where these encounters are guided by trained and experienced naturalists insuring that we have the least impact these intelligent mammals as possible and that the whales are honoured and respected at all times and not harassed or invaded in any way.

We collect humpback whale I.D. photos for the Tongan Fluke Collective
in Tonga, the Tahiti Marine-life Research Collective, Happy Whale &
Pacific Whale Foundation in Hawaii and record whale-songs for Libby
Eyre, Australia’s expert on whale songs around the world, on eco-tours
in each location to support the ongoing research and conservation of the

South Pacific Humpback whales.

We have a strict policy of working with a variety of accommodation facilities, charter companies, restaurants, taxis, local tour operators to ensure that the local businesses and communities benefit from our personally escorted eco-tours.

And what about recycling?

  • We fill personal water bottles with with natural spring or filtered water each day.

  • We supply re-usable plastic lunch boxes to our caterers for lunches each day in Tonga.

  • We do not print information brochures, all our information is on our website where information can be downloaded if and when required.

  • All paper and plastics in our offices & homes is recycled and we refrain from accepting plastic bags or wrapping whenever possible.


We take care of YOU

You are our priority. Our tours are designed so you can just enjoy, relax and make the most of your time with the whales is gobsmacking, life-changing and unforgettable. So you have special moments, one’s that leave you speechless or tearful, when you return to the boat. A quietness prevails on the last few days of our tours. We are told it’s an inner peaceful joy. . . that cannot always be explained.

Comfortable catamaran, delicious food, floating in warm azure ocean and turquoise lagoons, sharing with like-minded people, lots of laughing and permanently smiling! We are here to make sure you spend the most unforgettable time with us. Its also important to us that you just can’t stop smiling day after day! Many guests report that it continues for days after they return home! We love it and know we have achieved what we do this for.

So much gratitude!

The culture of the locals add to your experience in each destination and always makes each trip precious and different!

Check out our tours' descriptions to discover more!

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