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calf humpback whale

Ready to swim with whales?

Join us for the adventure of a life time!

About us

We take you swimming with whales in the ocean around the world!

Operating for more than 24 years, our WhaleSwim Adventures team is your most trusted and experienced Tour Company to go swimming with humpback whales, orca and blue whales. 
We are away from the crowds in some of the most exceptional locations, for you to experience magical encounters with different species of whales (and sometimes, other marine mammals!).

Everything is taken care of, you just have to join us, relax, slip quietly into the water & experience it all in wonder... 

It will touch your heart.  

Our amazing team are passionate & experienced professionals who have been working closely with whales for the longest time. Our skippers & guides have frequently been labelled as ”Whale Whisperer".

Every encounter is guided with the most respect for the whales, the environment and your safety. We care for our oceans and they give it back to us to the highest level. We are always in gratitude! 

We have some incredible Last Minute Specials available for the final few spaces on our Tonga and Aitutaki 2024 tours!
Email us at tours@whaleswim for info - be quick though!


Our Tours


Swim with Humpbacks



A very popular tour! There is nothing that can describe the beauty and gentleness of a humpback whale despite their
enormous size. You have to experience it for your self. Even though
we have been snorkelling with them for 24 years, we are still deeply
touched  on every encounter.
 And Moorea, Tahiti is definitely the most magical, stunning island to experience it!

Swim with Humpbacks



The humpbacks around the "most beautiful island in the world" during their breeding season & we will be there! This is a new exclusive destination allowing us for even more incredible interactions in the South Pacific paradise. A place where you have the whales for yourself!

Get ready to be gob-smacked with the people, the whales & the beauty!

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Swim with Humpbacks



Where our love for the whales began 25 years ago! 

The Vava'u archipelago in northern Tonga is perhaps the most famous place in the world for swimming with humpback whales— and for good reason. The islands form a natural nursery for migrating humpback whales between July and late October, allowing them to raise their calves in peace.

Swim with Blue Whales



Another new destination for 2024! While looking to get away from the crowds, we found this new destination on an island, in the Ombai Wetar Strait, north of Australia. A little gem, where you will swim with the legendary, biggest animal on the planet, the Blue Whale! You will also connect with so many different mammals & sea life, such as the pilot whales, many different species of dolphins and sometimes, sperm whales!

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Swim with Orcas



Close your eyes and picture yourself in one of the most beautiful backdrop swimming with Orcas. This liveboard is for our passionnate ocean lovers. In the comfort of a dry suit, jump in to meet for a week one of the most beautiful and misunderstood underwater creature, the Orca.

Join us for an adventure you will never forget!

Heidi, Colorado

« I cannot put into words how amazing this trip and company were. The entire crew was exceptional. They all made us feel very comfortable in the water and were true whale whisperers! I also liked the fact that they were very respectful of the whales. If there were too many people in the water we would go look for other whales and were always able to find them.  This was by far the best trip of my life and was truly life changing. I could not recommend this company enough and would love to come back some day! »

Carmen, Melbourne

« I knew when we booked this tour it would be special but i had no idea how life changing it would be. Each day on the water provided a different and equally incredible interaction with the whales. From seeing babies come up from below, mothers and babies swimming together, hearing whale song as we swam, seeing juvenile whales and breaching whales it was as close to a spiritual experience that I could imagine. A big heart fell thank you to the whole team for the most amazing and unforgettable experience of my life.»

Rafa, San Diego

« My wife and I had an experience of a lifetime swimming with whales. Words cannot do justice to how amazing it was. The crew made our trip unforgettable, they treated us like family. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to swim with Humpback Whales every day, and they made sure we were all safe while providing an extraordinary experience. Another note, the food prepared by Emma was exceptionnal! We could definitely come back just for the amazing dishes she prepared!
 Thank you so much for this amazing week!»

"The moment you lock up with the eye of a whale, you will want to do it again, again and again"

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What makes us special

Small groups, intimate encounters with the whales, experienced tour leaders and skippers known as the Whale Whisperers & your private chef on some tours... We aspire to make your experience with us not only special but also exclusive, ensuring a truly personalised and exceptional journey over the time you are here with us. You are our priority!


Ready to swim with whales?


WhaleSwim Adventures Ltd.

New Zealand based

Operating tours in the Pacific,
South East Asia & Norway

For enquiries about Moorea, Aiutaki, Timor Leste, contact Rae :

Whatsapp : +64 21 1101 818

For enquiries about Tonga & Norway, contact Annah:

Whatsapp : +61 483 196 880

Tour destination of Interest

Thanks for sending! We will get back to you as soon as possible.
REMEMBER: We could be in another time-zone to you and may not answer you immediately. 


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